Landscape Adventure Warranty

I Guarantee you will be Thrilled with your prints!

Not just “satisfied”

If for any reason you are not, I will exchange them, or refund 100% of your investment. No hassles, no awkwardness, just Mark Thau Photography customer service you can count on! Take up to 6 months to decide.

Art must be in like new condition as it will be resold.

Certificate of Authenticity must be returned with the print. You are responsible for returning it to our Chico studio.

Why invest in a Mark Thau Photography Adventure Print?

· You love how it makes you feel!

· The 100% Warranty!

· These prints will complement and enhance your home decor by adding the beauty of our natural world.

· You have an opportunity to purchase an image that represents a unique moment in time at a very special location.

· Each print caries the Mark Thau Photography Logo.

· Numbered prints come with a Certificate of Authenticity guaranteeing the value of your investment.

· Each print is made to my strict specifications. This allows you to get maximum enjoyment of all aspects of the image.

· You can have your art printed in a variety of different sizes.

· All images have their origin story listed so you know details of where and how the print came to be.

· You have access to my biography and artist statement.

· You have the option of having your art shipped directly to you.

· This art in your home provides a starting point for conversation, enjoyment by Family and Friends, and future memories yet to be created! / 530-566-9189 /